Captain Capel

Open air & indoor

cocktail bar
and eatery

The Lore
of Captain Capel

Who is Captain Capel
you may be wondering…

The Spirit of The Sailor

About Me

Arrr, Welcome to the captains quarters..

After a year away sailin’ the 7 seas, Captain Capel & his crew have been busy working around the clock to create a whole new experience for you, here on our beloved Mornington Peninsula. Bringing you the first Rum speciality bar straight from the shores of the Caribbean.

The crew have been working hard to ensure that when you walk the plank out of the captains ship, you leave one satisfied sailor. Our shipmen and women will be serving up some of our finest Rums from South America, France and England, infused into our house made cocktail recipes sponsored by Bacardi and sailor jerry that are certain to set your soul on fire ..

A true sailor will never go hungry, so let our new flavours set sail in ya mouth. Choose from our scrumptious wood fired pizza range, freshly caught seafood, or, the ripest of in season fruits picked daily for you.

Come on in & catch a vibe with our new look and crew ready to accommodate to you.




Opening hours

Monday to Tuesday - Closed

Wednesday to Friday 5pm - 11pm

Saturday to Sunday 1pm - 11pm


03 5986 7100

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